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More than 17 years ago Gene and Huong Sens founded The Red House- Occupying a historic 1920's boarding house, The Red House, previously home to railroad workers and coal miners, has become a central fixture of downtown Renton’s vibrant community.


After the better part of two decades at the helm of The Red House, Gene and Huong made the difficult decision to step down as operators, and began the search for someone who would continue the tradition of excellent food and drink, friendly and professional service, and strong tradition of being involved in the community.  


That’s when they met Steven and Kessler.  Steven has been a professional chef for 20+ years, working in environments ranging from taverns to country clubs, producing whole food from scratch and pouring a passion for quality dishes made from the best ingredients into everything he has done.  Kessler has been front of house in service for 16+ years, doing everything from washing dishes to managing restaurants (and everything in between) while focusing on delivering excellent service in a friendly, yet professional environment.  


It was a perfect match.  Steven and Kessler’s vision aligned perfectly with the values Gene and Huong had instilled in the Red House, and Gene and Huong had built a tradition of community, family, and service that Steven and Kessler were eager to continue.


The comfortable, rustic vibe remains, we simply added a new coat of paint and cocktails to an excellent selection of beer and wine. We still are, and will continue to be a restaurant, a wine shoppe, but first and foremost, a place for the people of Renton to gather. Our food pleases young and old alike yet still excites the senses. The steady hand of our professional staff will continue to deliver service that adds the finishing touch to what's become known as, to friends both old and new, The Red House Experience.


Welcome back to the Red House, and please enjoy!

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